T移动公司正在寻求重新协商$ 26十亿与Sprint的合并协议的时间表两个美国移动运营商的组合,是为了推后再续报告 CNBC.

Timeline Of Key 事件 In T Mobile Sprint Merger Saga

The companies had agreed to combine into one entity, to be known as New T移动, to better compete with AT&T and Verizon in the US market. That merger has been delayed due to regulatory scrutiny from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the 我们 Department of Justice (DOJ), 和 is still on hold due to an ongoing antitrust lawsuit from a group of state attorneys general.


  • As the timeline of the merger keeps moving out, the deal is becoming less valuable to T-Mobile. One of the core aims of the merger for T-Mobile is to amass the assets — namely wireless spectrum, network infrastructure, and cellular towers — needed to compete with AT&T and Verizon. But as the date to combine moves out, it's becoming clear that T移动 might be able to offer a competitive network with the assets it already has. And with the FCC moving to auction off mid-b和 spectrum next year, Sprint's 增持 在子带将6GHz的那么值钱,给T移动的可靠的选择。
  • 已有的T移动从拖延面临的挑战,并可能会寻求帐户损失。例如,载体 丢失 它与移动MVNO婷给Verizon,与具体援引合并和T移动的无能所产生的延迟区域的虚拟运营商的合同,以提供基于合并基础设施较低的利率。还具有叔移动 据说 通知它的一些无线承包商,这将推迟新的基础设施升级和5G采购订单到2020年,并且是 持观望态度 对宏新的网站,因为它等待批准的合并。

The uncertainty pervading the wireless market could give AT&T and Verizon a chance to bolster their 5G networks while competing on price with what Sprint and T-Mobile presently offer (和 New T移动 would be able to). For example, AT&T could 可能 降价和降低每个用户的它S(ARPU)的平均收入相抗衡的价格对于任何新的T移动可能提供的。

Verizon将仍然能够依靠一个更大的无线客户群,尤其是11吨移动和Sprint其分拆为预付费品牌 让步 监管机构。新的T移动的ADH希望利用竞争对手的缓慢过渡到5G的,但由于障碍已经减缓了合并范围,到达它S可能没有预期的破坏性影响。


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