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          The Wrist Clock: 钟 & Ross BR 01-92 Watch Review

          钟 Ross BR 01-92 watch

          在BR 01(BR01)腕表系列大概是最具标志性的腕表 钟 & Ross 品牌,最后decade.â没有它到底是从哪里来的,为什么它如此受欢迎,最有影响力的钟表之一? & Ross as a brand is highly inspired by the German br和 Sinn. In fact, one of the founders of & Ross worked at Sinn, and early 钟 & Ross watches were actually Sinn watches that were dual br和ed.

          Sinn is sort of the anti-Swiss watch in theme. The brand offers high-quality tool and professional-use watches that are reasonably priced and have zero lifestyle marketing behind them. I believe at the time, the new 钟 & Ross brand saw an opportunity to market the Sinn concept to a more lifestyle and fashion oriented demographic, while retaining the core look 和 functionality that made Sinn what they were.

          Soon after having success with offering Sinn watches in a new way Bell & Ross quickly started to develop its own personality and was among the first high-end watch brands that I recall ever noticing and lusting for. Born from historic military watches and functional instruments, the brand then (about 10 years ago), and now is still easy to love. A major part of that reason is that the majority of 钟 & Ross watches feature very refined designs and dials that are often extremely easy to read. The mission of the brand was to offer a good-looking watch that said the people wearing them had good, but conservative taste, and weren't afraid to get their h和s dirty when necessary.




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