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          对于那些花不眠之夜发愁了世界上最大的经济体之间的大量主权债券的可持续性,就必须显得十分不协调,债券收益率都在同一时间扎进新的纪录低点。在英国,那里的整体债务负担(包括不只是英国政府也有家庭,金融和企业部门)总额超过GDP的400%时,10年期镀金收益率昨日下跌了进一步12BP只是2.43% 。

          To put this into context, the last time long-dated gilt yields were at these levels was 1946. In the 我们, where fiscal policy is still in disarray (notwithstanding the recent deal to raise the debt ceiling) and the S&P recently lowered America’s AAA credit rating by a notch, the 10yr yield is now just 2.15%, after almost reaching 2.0% last week. In the past month, the yield on the 10yr Treasury note has fallen by almost 100bp. Only at the height of the global financial crisis at the back end of 2008 和 early 2009 did we see yields down at these levels. And in 日本, where government debt represents 200% of GDP, the 10yr yield is just 1%. The debt load of many of these large developed economies may look incredibly challenging, but investors are not yet punishing these governments, in large part because prospective returns from most other asset classes do not look attractive.

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