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          Price Your Small 商业 Services Like 蒂芙尼's, But Mask It Like Walmart

          蒂芙尼 Diamonds, Burberry, Rolex, Lacoste - yes, they may have more sales 和 inventory problems than 2003, but they are surviving.  What can the small business owner learn from these individuals?...

          When in doubt, they're buying the most expensive

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          As a small business, pricing your product or service correctly is nothing short of critical.

          If You Want A Nice Diamond, Go To 蒂芙尼's

          When clients call into a potential vendor, they typically have no idea about the product or service that they are inquiring about. If they did, more likely than not they wouldn't be outsourcing the job.

          Therefore, many clients judge the quality of a product or a service based on its price. After all, the higher the price tag, the better it is likely to be.

          Although logic would say that the aforementioned statement proves to be entirely false, it is what your potential clients are thinking when you answer that RFP with an astonishingly low price.

          Cheap Clients Don't Like Price Increases

          Don't go into the game thinking that the price increase that is going to strategically be implemented in a few months won't lose you clients.

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          Cushioning The Blow - Higher Price 1st

          I like to refer to this tactic as cushioning the blow because upon giving a quote, you always want to give two different options or packages. The first or more expensive package can even be a dummy product.

          Whether the package is real doesn't matter because the buyer is going to often opt for the second mentioned or cheaper package your firm offers to its clients.

          This way, the regular package that you are seeking you sell them on seems very reasonable 和 logical to purchase.


          Just as you can soften the blow by quoting the higher price first, you can also soften your own image in your client's eyes by relying on a third party to play the bad guy when it comes to pricing.

          If your "CFO" has set a certain price minimum, or if you have otherwise number-based "rules" to follow, it is harder for a client to argue the price.


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