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          政治 2019-12-16t09:59:06Z

          The UK government is not 'match-fit' for the next stage of Brexit talks, says former Downing Street adviser

          Raoul Ruparel said Boris Johnson's government could possibly secure a "narrow 和 shallow" trade deal by the end of 2020.
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          Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson went into the general election predicting numerous gains but ended up losing her seat.
          政治 2019-12-13t10:37:00Z

          Jo Swinson resigns as Liberal Democrat leader after losing her seat in a shock general election result

          Swinson lost her seat to the Scottish National Party in a shock general election result.
          政治 2019-12-13t09:20:00Z

          14 things we learned from Boris Johnson's huge election victory Thursday night

          Britain has looked over the cliff edge at the "horrors" of Brexit — smaller economy, smaller role on the world stage — 和 said "this is fine!"
          政治 2019-12-13t08:16:00Z
          政治 2019-12-13t05:04:58Z
          boris johnson

          Boris Johnson promises to 'get Brexit done' after winning an 80 seat majority in the UK general election

          The Conservative party leader will now push through his Brexit plans, with Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn announcing he will resign.
          政治 2019-12-13t03:14:06Z
          Zac Goldsmith

          Conservative minister Zac Goldsmith loses his seat to the Liberal Democrats in the UK election's big 'Portillo moment'

          Environment minister Zac Goldsmith has become the first Conservative minister to lose his seat in the general election.
          政治 2019-12-13t03:09:00Z
          boris johnson

          Shock exit poll shows Boris Johnson's Conservative Party is heading for a huge majority in the UK general election

          The Conservatives are set to win a parliamentary majority, according to the official exit poll published by the BBC, 它V, 和 Sky.
          政治 2019-12-13t02:33:46Z
          keir starmer

          The runners 和 riders in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader

          The leading likely c和idates in the coming contest to replace Jeremy Corbyn following Labour's defeat in the UK general election.
          分析 2019-12-12t23:25:12Z
          exit poll general election 2019

          The campaign to stop Brexit is over 和 Britain is heading for another decade of Conservative dominance

          市场 2019-12-12t22:56:00Z
          Screenshot 2019 12 12 at 22.10.44

          The pound is soaring after UK election exit polls show Boris Johnson's Conservative party won a big majority

          The pound surged 2.3% against the dollar to about $1.34 after polls showed the Tories won a l和slide victory.
          政治 2019-12-12t11:41:10Z
          Boris Johnson 和 Jeremy Corbyn

          UK voters go to the polls for an incredibly uncertain election which will decide the fate of Brexit

          Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fighting to secure a majority for his Brexit plan with Labour's Jeremy Corbyn promising a radical new agenda.
          政治 2019-12-12t10:12:19Z
          how to vote tactically in the 2019 general election


          政治 2019-12-12t10:05:40Z
          Boris Johnson

          The big political beasts who could lose their seats in the UK general election

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          政治 2019-12-12t09:04:00Z

          What UK political parties are promising as voters go to the polls in the 2019 general election

          Our guide to the main policy differences between UK political parties in Thursday's general election.
          政治 2019-12-12t08:53:00Z
          how to vote tactically in the 2019 general election


          政治 2019-12-12t08:39:39Z
          UK general election 2019 4x3

          The key battleground seats that will decide the UK general election

          The outcome of Thursday's UK general election could be decided by just a h和ful of ultra-marginal seats.
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